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Unit 19 Assignment 2: Health And Social Care

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Car needs fuel to move right? Food is the fuel to the human body. A good nutrition diet helps to keep our brain and body ticking. But again, it is important to intake good and healthy food. The beans, berries, greens and yes for the desire of your taste buds you can eat chocolates too.

When we were kids we usually heard our mothers scolding us to eat vegetables, never letting us step out of the house without breakfast forcing us to consume fruits. Now we understand they were right. Eating well not only helps your skin to glow, but it also helps your body systems to work on the right track. It also helps you with your happy moods.

Unit 19: Nutritional Health Assignment 2: Health and Social Care

Unit 19: Nutritional Health Assignment teaches us that it is important to take care of patients in different health care centres. The goal of the study was to teach us different features of patient-centred care reflectively. Below you will read about a detailed action plan for fulfilling the patient requirements as per the workplace.

Patient-Centered Care In Different Workplaces

1. Patient-Centered Care At Cancer Hospitals

We all know cancer is a disease in which the body cells grow uncontrollably and start spreading all over the body. Cancer patients require special attention and care and for that purpose, we see excessive staff at cancer clinics. These nurse staff should be given special training to look after the patients.

Also, cancer disease has now become very common. We see many people dying from this dangerous disease. Our future doctors and current doctors should be taught well about this disease. There should be detailed and helpful topics regarding this disease in the books.

Teachers should assign research assignments to students which will help them more to learn about these specific diseases.

Furthermore, students can ask for healthcare assignment help from reliable service-providing agencies to help them with this crucial topic of research.

Experts should be called for the radiotherapy and other surgeries. Well-known and reputable surgeons will ensure successful surgeries with their experience.

2. Patient-Centered Care In A Rehabilitation Center

We all know that type of patients at rehab are not fully mentally stable. They need care and attention. There should be special rules for rehab centers. Below we have suggested some rules that should be implemented by the nurses and medical staff to ensure better services.

  1. Respecting The Patients

Behavior makes the difference. We can bring change to someone just by communicating with them politely. Nurses should understand the psychological condition of the patient and deal with love, care, and respect.

  1. Understanding

In Unit 19: Nutritional Health Assignment it is clearly stated to understand the experiences and goals of patients. This will not just help the patient with better mental health but will also help the staff to know about their patients. They can deal with them accordingly after knowing their past experiences.

3. Confidentiality

The staff has to make sure that they gain the trust of the patient. They will have to keep their experiences and other matters confidential from others. This act will contribute to the sustainability of patient’s mental health.

3. Quality Care In Different Health Caring Settings

To offer high-quality care at different health institutes these important factors as per research need to be implemented. Let’s see what these important parameters are:

  1. Storming

Storming is a stage where most of the conflicts occur between the team members when they are allocated a specific task. So, it is important to take care of every team member and their perspective on the task and project.

  1. Norming

Communication is a key. Open communication among the team members will benefit the working progression. Try to avoid miscommunication among your team members as it might lead to major confronts.

Also, it is very important to teach students at college and university level how to work in a team and communicate with other team members. For this practice, colleges should make sure to assign students tasks in which they explain the importance of communication in the team. You can ask the assignment helper in this regard to assist you with important communication elements.

  1. Forming

A team should not just consist of several people instead team should be a team in terms of cooperating, helping each other, and calling each other at times of success and failure. Forming an effective team can solve various problems.

  1. Leadership

A leader holds together the team. An efficient leader will make sure that his team should have a strong connection with each other. He motivates his team members and encourages them to work better. Undoubtedly, a good leader makes an efficient team.

Implementing these crucial factors will help to facilitate the teamwork process.  Better healthcare services can be provided when the team is efficient. Furthermore, if you are working on an important research related to health and social care don’t hesitate to reach out to assignment writing services in Dublin, guidance always helps you to do better. You can make your research much stronger by asking expert for the guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nutrition in terms of social and health care?

Nutrition plays an important role in the development and health of the human body. If you intake good nutrition it will improve your health and a stronger immune system. It will also shield you from diabetes, heart disease, and longevity.

Why is nutrition so important?

Better nutrition assists fuel your body. The diet you intake supplies the nutrients that your body requires the most. It will maintain the nutrients of your muscles, bones, nerves, brain, and blood circulation. Better nutrition also keeps you protected from disease and illness.

Which food has more nutrients?

If you desire to have a healthy dietary plan then intake a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Eat pulses and whole grains. Also include fish, seafood, low-fat dairy, meat and skinless poultry in your diet. All the mentioned foods are rich in nutrition.

The Ending Notes

The purpose of implementing patient-centered quality care in health institutions is to uplift the performance of every team. At the same time, we need to stop practicing conventional practices and start implementing innovative approaches. Unit 19: Nutritional Health Assignment provides a detailed guide about incorporating necessary rules in health sectors.