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6 Best QQI Courses Online In Ireland For Students

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Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) is the national awarding organization that is responsible for further education and training in Ireland. Their awards align with the overall Ireland’s National Framework of Qualifications and, therefore are both nationally and internationally recognized. QQI comprises ten levels, one being the lowest whereas ten is the highest. Each level consists of different QQI courses and modules while each one has its distinguished value.

The best thing about many courses offered by Quality and Qualifications Ireland is they’re online and affordable. It makes them accessible to every individual aspiring to accelerate their academic and career success in Ireland. If you’re also one of them, we present you a complete guide that will acquaint you with the best QQI courses online. You can delve deeper into them and enrol yourself in the one that aligns with your academic and professional goals.

6 Ireland’s Best QQI Courses Online To Accelerate Learning And Career Success

1. 3D Modelling & Animation (Level 5)

Dorset College Dublin offers a 3D modelling & animation level 5 course that will introduce enrolled students to game design. Its duration extends to eleven weeks and QQI awards the pupil with a level 5 certificate after the lesson completion. This option is suitable for individuals who dream of producing their own animations for the web, videos, and devices. They will learn about 3D modelling, animation, and game design, allowing them to create objects and high-quality 3D environments.

If you also aim to create animated games or films someday, undertaking the lessons within this option will be an exciting experience for you. The good news is there are no specific entry requirements, so anyone can apply for it at an affordable fee of €895.

2. Advanced Human Resources Certificate (LEVEL 6)

Advanced human resources certificate QQI level 6 is one of the best online advanced courses offered by Limerick College of Further Education. Its duration is 24 weeks and lectures are given on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The fee of this program is €1800, however, enrolled students can access funds if they come under the eligibility criteria.

This program is ideal for individuals who are aiming to work in the field of Human Resources or have recently entered it. It will boost their HR knowledge and skills. However, completing homework while undertaking this program along with a job may feel challenging. You can seek QQI assignment help from online professional Irish writers to lower your burdens and get high-quality papers. Reflecting on them will also improve your writing skills and deepen your knowledge about the subject matter.

3. Anatomy And Physiology (QQI Level 5) (Online)

Anatomy And Physiology is another best online course that is of QQI level 5, which Limerick College of Further Education provides. It is the right choice for aspirants wishing to gain wisdom related to the structure and function of the human body. They will acquire a deep understanding of the interrelationship between different systems of the body within ten weeks at €240. You should enrol yourself in this course if you have decided to pursue a career in healthcare or nursing services.

4. Business Management (Level 6)

Business Management is the level 6 course, mainly run by Forus Training, Westmeath via the Zoom platform. During 8 weeks, students acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies related to financial planning, reporting, and analysis within an organization. You will also master the intricacies revolving around business management. However, your assessment would be 60% depending on the project and 40% on homework.

In case you experience hardship related to submitting tasks on time, consider hiring any reliable assignment writing service Dublin. Furthermore, individuals who have relevant career scope are eligible for this program and can get it at only €380. You will receive the level 6 award from the National Framework of Qualifications by the end of it.

5. Diploma In Cyber Security

Diploma in Cyber Security is 11 weeks, offered by Dorset College Dublin. It is the best choice for aspirants who want to set themselves apart in the cybersecurity workforce. After program completion, they receive a qualification of Diploma, awarded by QQI and attract excellent career progression, rising salaries, and continued growth. They also gain many other benefits by applying practical knowledge acquired during this diploma and elevating their career success.

6. Digital Marking (QQI Level 5)

Another best course is Digital Marketing at QQI Level 5 run by The Open College, Dublin with a duration of 8 weeks. It will introduce you to the core competencies needed for developing and executing digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Lessons from this program will also teach you about the latest trends and crucial concepts related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the Science of Adwords Traffic. You will also master tactics required for successful email marketing, viral marketing, PR, and social networking, et cetera. Completing this course and earning an award would benefit you if you land a decent position as a digital marketer.

What are the primary responsibilities of the QQI?

QQI are responsible for setting standards for their awards or qualifications and assessing the competency of tutors. They also validate educational programs and training that lead to QQI awards. Additionally, their responsibility includes awarding qualifications and issuing certifications to the students after course completion.

Can I do QQI Level 5 virtually?

Yes, you can fully complete your level 5 QQI through the distance learning method with the exceptional support of your tutor. After enrollment, you would have your issued username and password to access your course materials. You would be able to complete the course at your convenience due to its flexibility model.

Is QQI internationally accepted?

Awards of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) are vastly popular within the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). As a result, they’re also accepted by nationally and internationally renowned bodies.

Final Thoughts

QQI is the most reputable body responsible for enhancing the quality, integrity, and reputation of Ireland’s education system. It ensures learners achieve qualifications that are relevant to their discipline, which boosts their value nationally and internationally. They offer myriad types of courses, suitable for each level, out of which we shared eight top online courses that you can opt for.

Enrolling yourself in one of them and acquiring an award will increase your wealth of knowledge and amplify your skill set. Its addition to your resume will also boost the credibility of your resume and offer you prosperous career opportunities.