5 Free Plagiarism checker Tools

5 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Students: Turnitin Alternatives

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Issues such as over-dependency on modern technology affect students’ personal and academic development, and a lot more. As a consequence, tutors need to deal with unmotivated students who mastered cheating to the level of perfection. A lot of those blame such unfortunate changes on tech. However, plagiarism is as ancient as public speaking and writing. It just gets more and more easier to get away with it. The law enforcement of the education department is the plagiarism checker, which must efficiently detect instances of smart theft and make sure that academic integrity is maintained.

One such powerful tool is Turnitin. This tool is widely accepted and is used in a lot of colleges and universities all around the world. While it has gained a glorious reputation, it is not accessible to everyone.

This is why, we went on a hunt for the best alternative plagiarism checkers to Turnitin. So, get ready to find out about the free plagiarism checker tools you can get to keep check of your academic integrity. 

The Best Plagiarism Checkers Out There In 2024

#1 – Quetext

Quetext is a plagiarism-checking software that aids in making sure that your content is unique and gives credit wherever the credit is due. It is becoming the new standard for teachers, students, content writers, and many other professionals who wish to steer clear of any plagiarism. And, in any area where plagiarised content is detected, this tool seamlessly credits the original source in a jiffy. You can ask any reputable academic writing help provider to do your work and then scan it using Quetext to find out whether there is any plagiarised content or not. Here are some of the top-class features of this Quetext:

  1. The ColorGrade™ technology in Quetext gives you a clearer image of the content you must revise
  2. Available to All
  3. It is known as one of the most comprehensive plagiarism checkers with the speediest service
  4. The website is also ad-free for both those using the free version as well as paid subscribers, etc.

#2 – Grammarly

Next up, we have Grammarly – it is best known as a grammar-checking tool to help with writing. However, if you are willing to pay for it then it will upgrade and provide a plagiarism checker. Educators, students, and many other experts most commonly rely on this tool for its word-checking ability. This certainly comes in help even at the un-paid level. However, access to the plagiarism checker needs a membership, which comes to $30 per month (or even $12 per month if paid in full for a year). The top features of Grammarly include:

  1. Grammarly gives a modern grammar checker, with additional writing feedback to assist the users write more clearly.
  2. The originality score tells the users about the percentage of plagiarism their document contains
  3. Chrome extension and much more

#3 – Copyscape

Copyscape is yet another online plagiarism-checking tool that is available for writers of all sorts. It offers a scan of your work to help you ensure uniqueness and originality, and it also offers a unique product called CopySentry. This product helps the business keep an eye on the web for theft of their content.

However, the free version of this plagiarism detector is extremely restricted. You can only visit the existing website URL to check for any plagiarised content, rather than uploading a file or copying and pasting the unpublished text. It also does not allow the users to save the reports. The best features of Copyscape include:

  1. It allows the users to check multiple pieces of content at one time for plagiarism, up to 5,000,000 words (10,000 pages) at once
  2. Users can create an exclusion list that helps to filter out specific websites from plagiarism
  3. It syncs with WordPress and so much more

#4 – Duplichecker

Duplichecker is also an online plagiarism detector that allows anyone to check their work for plagiarism. Users can either get a paid membership or check their work for free. Being one of the best free plagiarism checker tools, it falls short of the grace and sophistication of its actual plagiarism checking and mostly appears “buggy” with a huge amount of ads on the page. This plagiarism-checking tool fails miserably to detect many cases of plagiarised content in a lot of instances. However, if we ignore the negative aspects, there are a lot of good things about Duplichecker, too, such as:

  1. It has a built-in grammar check
  2. Duplichecker is free
  3. It allows unlimited uses for 1000 words per search and a lot more

#5 – Viper

Viper is the online plagiarism checker that uses “credits” to offer content evaluations for writers. It is a fast and straightforward tool to use and it makes a perfect choice for content written in other languages apart from English. This is why a lot of Irish assignment help providers use this tool to get rid of any copied item.

It gives a user-friendly experience but takes some time to get used to. Since pricing is dependent on credits, the $$$ can get steep rapidly on the basis of how much checking your content requires. The main setback of using this plagiarism tool is that it essentially forfeits the rights to users’ privacy. This is because the website will publish your submitted work to other sites after some time. Apart from that, it offers a lot of perks, such as:

  1. It is speed
  2. Viper supports multilingualism and much more

What is the best free alternative to Turnitin?

There are many competitors who are the best alternatives to Turnitin, but none of them is as best as Viper. It is not only an alternative free plagiarism-checking tool, but it is also way faster than Turnitin. Moreover, the scans are dramatically fast, so you will get the results in just a matter of a few seconds.

Which is the best free plagiarism-checking tool for students?

Here are some of the best and free plagiarism checkers for students:

  1. Scribbr
  2. Quetext
  3. DupliChecker    
  4. Viper
  5. Copyscape
  6. Small SEO Tools and a lot more

Can I check for plagiarism without using Turnitin?

If you give Grammarly’s free online plagiarism checker to detect any plagiarised material in your work, you will see a speedy report that directs you wherever there is plagiarism. Moreover, side by side it also informs the users about how many writing and grammar mistakes are present in your document.

Can I use ChatGPT content to check for plagiarism?

ChatGPT content can easily pass any plagiarism check but only if it is sufficiently unique and original. It must not mimic existing content within the plagiarism tools’ databases. However, some results might inadvertently resemble already existing materials due to ChatGPT’s training on a massive corpus of text.

What Is The Best Alternative To Turnitin?

All in all, if we seek the best alternative to Turnitin, Quetext tops the list as one of the free plagiarism checker tools. The biggest weakness of Turnitin is none other than its inaccessibility. While the above-mentioned alternatives are all far more accessible as compared to Turnitin, Quetext still takes first prize due to its DeepSearch and ColorGrade technology, simple and pleasant user experience, along built-in citation generator. Apart from all this, the tool works smoothly, quickly, and efficiently for every type of user (teachers, students, content writers, and any other professional). All of this with fair pricing and pretty straightforward.