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Terms And Conditions- Ireland Assignment Help

At Ireland Assignment Help, we make sure to deliver the high quality of work and authentic papers to our potential customers. The services are never compromised on the basis of affordable prices. We feel overwhelmed with the positive response of our customers and are looking forward to serve them with the quality services. Nevertheless, to avoid any unfortunate circumstances we highly advise our customers to go through the terms and condition thoroughly before placing the order at Ireland Assignment Help.

Refund Policy:

At Ireland Assignment help, we will always make sure to deliver the quality services to its valuable customers. From the end of Ireland Assignment Help, the quality of assignment is never compromised and we ensure to deliver authentic, genuine, original, and plagiarism-free paper. However, in case of any major disappointment, the customers can ask for the refund of the money under the specific conditions. At Ireland Assignment Help, we have revised the proper money refund policy for the customers. Our valuable customers and visitors are requested to read the money refund policy written below become making the claim:

Late Delivery Of The Orders:

Delivering the assignments and the essays right on time is our very top priority. At Ireland Assignment Help, we make sure to deliver the customers with the work before the given deadline. Our team of expert and top-notch writers is commendable with meeting the tough deadlines. However, there could be some technical issues once in a blue moon and the delivery of assignment can be delayed.

If you face the late delivery issue then reach out to our customer support team and discuss the problem. There is always a genuine issue in the late delivery of the assignment but if the reason isn’t genuine, we won’t step back from the refund.

  • If the deadline has passed and the ordered assignment is of no use, we will make a full refund or will provide the customer with the store credits. This is to be noted that this claim must be related to the selected deadline while placing an order.
  • If you have submitted the assignment written by Ireland Assignment Help even after the passed deadline and the teacher has deducted few marks, then only a certain percentage of the total amount would be refunded. Furthermore, in that case you will have to show the proof of the deducted marks due to the late submission.
Low And Cheap Quality Of The Delivered Paper:

At Ireland Assignment Help, we ensure to provide our customers with the high-quality of paper written by the top-notch writers but if it is not meeting the requirements then we offer the revise option. The team of expert writers would revise your paper and would fix all the errors. After the implementation of revision policy, the refund will not be provided. Otherwise, the claim for the refund would be approved if any of the following condition would be getting satisfied.

  • The paper you have received is completely plagiarized. We ensure to check all the papers and assignment essay via Turnitin, but if you provide us with the authentic proof of paper being plagiarized, give us a chance to revise. If the deadline would not be allowing the chance of revision, we will make you the full-refund or will give you the store credits.
  • The quality of the paper is not satisfying the specifications of the clients. At Ireland Assignment Help, we have a team of expert writers who complete the task as per the given specifications. However, in case of any issue with the paper we humbly ask our clients to avail the off of unlimited free revision and redo option until the satisfaction of client. Ireland Assignment Help offer unlimited free revisions till 4 weeks and if you avail the revision, the refund would not be applicable after revision policy.
  • The customer is not satisfied even after the implementation of revision policy. Our quality assurance department would be analyzing the paper and will be identifying the rightful amount to refund. If the paper is submitted to the professor already, the refund would not be applicable.
  • In the orders where the customer is being provided with the drafts, this is highly recommended to them to check the quality and notify us about any mistake or lacking at the earliest. The refund will be given if the notified issue is not fixed in the final paper and the quality of whole paper is affected. Please note, if the mistakes would not be identified and conveyed since the beginning and would be used in the end for the refund, there will be no refund made.
Non-Delivery- The Case Of Customer Not Receiving The Complete Paper:

Firstly, any such situation occurs once in a blue moon, but if the customer is not provided with the completed order at all and the customer support team is also not responding for two complete business days, the customer can ask for the full refund or the store credits.

Wrong Charges- Technical Issue With The Payments:

At times, there could be technical glitches in the system that can cause double or additional payment deduction from the customer. These are some technical problems for which Ireland Assignment Help is having complete policies and the refund would be made.

  • In case there is a double or unnecessary addition charge made up, the customer is highly advised to instantly inform the customer support center with the proof of two authentic receipts so we would be able to make the full refund of the additional amount.
  • A couple of times, the problem is with the payment company and the client is advised to resolve the matter with the company to avoid the double deduction in the future.
Cancellation Of Order From Customer Within 24 Hours Of Order Placement:

If you have placed the order earlier and then have changed your mind later, the order can be cancelled within the next 24 hours of the order placement. If the writer would have started working upon it then you will not be able to cancel the order after 24 hours. If you would be cancelling the order within the 24 hours after its placement, you can request a full refund or the store credits. The customers can also order other type of assignment worth same amount right away!

We Guarantee The Quality, Not The Grade:

If you are aiming to get an A plus in the paper and expecting us to guarantee for it, this is not possible. At Ireland Assignment Help, we guarantee to provide excellent quality of paper with the perfect formatting, grammar, and structure, but we cannot guarantee the specific grade because it is depending on the overall performance of the student throughout the term.

Failed Paper- Proof Within 3 Weeks:

Such situation has never occurred that the assignment written by our writers is graded as fail one. At Ireland Assignment Help, we have professional and skilled writers who focus on the quality of the assignments and you cannot fail the paper. However, in the rare case of failing the assignment, the customer is advised to claim the refund within three weeks. This time period starts from the date of the submission and if you would show us the proof of the failure, we will make 50% refund because the writers are paid in advance and we cannot take the payment back from them. The claim for refund made after three week time period will not be considered.

Keypoints To Note While Making Refund Claim:

At Ireland Assignment Help, we highly advise our customers to go through the following points while making the refund claim.

Refund Claim Method:

In case of the refund request or the double charge dispute, the customer must talk to the customer support team so the necessary action could be taken immediately. The claim needs to be made within the next three weeks after the paper has already been delivered. Ireland Assignment Help prohibits the customers to involve any third party like credit card provider, PayPal, and legal authorities.

Refund Period:

The refund period is the time that is allowed to make the refund claim. The refund period is of three weeks and this starts from the day of the customer’s order deadline till the last day of the following three weeks. The claim made after the refund period would not be accepted.


At Ireland Assignment Help, the chargeback is strictly prohibited. The customers are highly requested to contact our supportive and friendly customer support center to resolve the issues. In the case of chargeback, the customer would be considered as the fraudulent to our systems.

Moreover, if we suspect any individual taking the wrongful advantage of our service, we have all the rights to take the legal actions.

Refund Proceeding And Finalization Time Period:

The minimum of the 48 hours would be taken to analyze the order by the Quality Assurance Department and to provide the reports for the approval of refund. The customers are requested to stay patient and let the necessary actions to be done by the teams. Once the refund would be approved, the payment will be made within the next 24 hours.

  • Kindly note, the refunds are only made if any of the above mentioned term and condition would be fully satisfied and after the approval of the case from the Quality Assurance Department.
  • Full refund= 90% of the amount made. 10% deduction is the transaction cost paid to the payment Gateway Company plus the service charges.
Revision Policy:

If the quality of paper isn’t satisfying the specifications of the customer, then the clients are advised to have the unlimited revisions or redo till 4 weeks. Please note, if the customer would not be satisfied even after the revisions and redo, we would not be able to make any refunds as the revision policy would have been used already.

Privacy Policy:

The confidential data and information provided to us by our valuable clients is managed with the high-end protection and safety. We ensure to use the finest encryption methods to avoid the data breaches and to keep the data safe from the outsiders and hackers. Furthermore, we never ask the information for marketing aim and promotional tactics. Our practices of keeping the customer’s data safe are maintained and monitored. The information shared by our valuable customers at Ireland Assignment Help is kept safely and carefully, away from the data breaches.

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