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How to Publish a Research? Step By Step Guide 

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All you know, conducting research is a complex process. The complexity becomes more intense when you are moving forward to the publication of your research.

In this competitive world where hundreds of research papers reach the desk of analysts every year, only 50% of submissions successfully select for publication.

Do you want to include your name in the list of those lucky ones? You need to take some steps which can make the process quite easier to get a chance of your work published!

But how? Before submitting your research paper, you have to make sure that it is the best contemplation of your research that you conducted professionally. Insufficient and blunderingly constructed papers can create a nuisance for the analyst, and they won’t waste their time reviewing!

If you are thinking about publishing a research paper, the following effective techniques can make the process easier from execution to publication. Let’s take a look!

Essential Steps That You Must Have To Follow For Publishing Your Research Paper

Ensure Your Research Is All Set For Publication

Are you ready for the publication process? If your work consists of rich research and valuable verdicts, then for sure – it’s going to be a great contribution to the research community. But if you are not sure your research is ready for publication, you can ask these questions according to your research expertise.

  • Have you done unique research?
  • Is your work related to the topic?
  • Have you analyzed the impacts of your research on society?
  • Have you provided any solutions for the critical issues in your research paper?
  • Have your verdicts been verified?
  • Are your verdicts all-inclusive?

You have to keep in your mind that a research paper is valuable when it is comprehensive, easy to read, and better to understand. If the answers to the abovementioned questions are positive – congrats, you have conducted powerful research that is ready for publication.

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Select Your Article Type

It is the prior step to consider which article type you need to choose to achieve your research goals. These are important article types for scholarly publication.

Original Research Papers

This type usually consists of 8–10 pages and contains 25–30 references. Full authentic research pacers are the most valuable and best source for developing your research career.

Review papers

The purpose of this paper is to review the latest progress on a particular topic. Review papers are much longer than original research papers and contain various references. These papers are beneficial to strengthen your research career.

Letters to the Editor

This is the most frequent way of analyzing the data by the authors, and they publish more rapidly than a full-length, organized manuscript. These letters are shorter than full-length publications for journals. Usually, research journals are committed to these letters which are published in their specific areas. Authors can provide brief verdicts before producing full-length publications.

Organize Your Paper

Every section of your paper has its worth; you have to construct each part that is easy to indicate and identify. The requirements can differ for each publication; keep the journal’s guidelines in your mind, even if you are going to craft your first draft!

A good journalist can say, “Never use three words when one will do. Be concise. Don’t fall in love with the gentle trilling of your mellifluous sentences.” Colson Whitehead

Before publishing, you have to take a look at the common structure of a research paper.


You have to select the title first to highlight the main purpose of your research paper to grab your readers’ attention. Make it simple and avoid using jargon until and unless you craft a title for medical purposes.


Keywords are used to indicate your work. These are the tags for your manuscript that make it searchable online. Use words that are related to your topic but not as simple as everyone can find them. Choose the scientific terms that your readers usually use for searching research papers.


It is the first part of your paper to state the problem and also state what you want to accomplish for your research. Don’t mix up the introduction with discussion, conclusions, and results.


Every research paper must consist of a detailed method section where you use research methodologies. It gives a clear idea to the reader whether your research is valid or not. Add references and bibliographies that indicate prior publishing methods.


In this part, you need to show the outcomes of your research. To make it clear, you can use tables, charts, graphs, and figures.


You need to state how your research goals and hypothesis are interrelated and how your findings are related to other research. You need to define the evaluation of your findings.

Don’t use any statements and extra results which is not supported by the data. Although, don’t neglect conflicts with the findings. Address these conflicts and give assurance to your reader that you are right.


It is important to mention someone who helps you in conducting your research. They can be anyone, your research supervisor who helped you follow the proper structure of the research paper or anyone who guided you in constructing a well-crafted paper by critically analyzing your research work.


This part usually contains lots of mistakes as compared to the other part of the paper. Adding references is daunting and time-consuming for all the editors. Cite those publications on which your research paper is based, but try to avoid unnecessary references.


The conclusion of your research paper is not a summary of all you have mentioned in your paper. It gives you a way where you can find answers to doubtful questions.

Summing up with all you have mentioned in your paper to indicate possible implementations. You can find the answer to that question in your conclusion! Are the results of this research helpful for the research field?

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Check Plagiarism

Before submitting your paper for publishing, take critical analysis from your supervisor or your peers. But don’t forget to check yourself to know your shortcoming and then correct them.

Look over the scope and aims; you have to ensure that the balanced literature and the outcomes’ purpose, aims, and significance must be clear.

Don’t forget to take a final look over the language errors and editing loopholes.

Submit Your Paper

After checking your paper thoroughly, attach a cover letter along with your research paper highlighting that your paper would be attractive for the journal. Also, ensure that you received acceptance for the submission by the authors.

In case your paper gets rejected, don’t be disappointed. Make some possible changes. But if your paper gets accepted, now it is the time for publication; congratulations on your hard work!

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Select the Author’s Order

It is the common way to order the names of authors through comparative contribution. The first author oversees data analysis and the explanation of the results. At the same time, co-authors give conceptual contributions to data analysis and clarification of results. They provide a better review of each draft, and they must be able to provide suggestions and discuss limitations.

Wrapping Up

Publishing your research is more critical than writing a research paper. When you serve your time and effort to execute and write the best paper, and it gets rejected, it can be heartbreaking!

If you want to ease your difficulties in publishing your research paper, you can take guidance from this article and make the publication process easier for you! Save your time and energy and enjoy the success of your published research.